Yoga Kicked My Ass

I am taking a Yoga class for the first time in my life.  I met this gal at the park about nine months ago while our dogs were playing.  She said she was a Yoga instructor and encouraged me to come try it.  Well, after a lot of procrastinating I decided I should try it out.

Okay, I am not a big exerciser but I do take my puppy, Taggart, for a walk almost every morning around six-thirty.  We walk around our complex which it about nine tenths of a mile.  I try to walk a little then jog a little.  Mostly, I get slowed down because he wants to put his mark on every bush and tree.

But I digress, so I made the decision to try Yoga.  Fortunately, my friend was starting a “Yoga for Beginners” class.  I didn’t make it to my first class as my business partner scheduled me to work that day.  I talked to my friend and she said to just show up at any of her classes.  As it turned out, I was able to make the second class and boy was I in for a work-out!  Marie was awesome as she was very welcoming, showed me where they had extra yoga mats and accessories like bumpers, straps, blankets and blocks.

Okay, so we first start out with some slow stretches so I thought good so far.  Then she had us do the “Downward Dog” – not bad but hard on my feet.  Did I mention that I have bad feet?  They hurt all the time and I had to go to the Good Feet store to get their orthotics.  Well, when you do yoga, you do it bare footed – my feet are rarely bare!  So positioning myself in the “Downward Dog” can get a little painful.  Not to mention that I don’t have a lot of strength in my arms so I am shaking to keep myself in the position.  But I endured the first class and was able to walk out the the room on my own accord.

I thought I was going to be really sore the next day but was not.  It wasn’t until the second and third day after that I could really feel it.  My hips were the worst.  I found I was pretty stiff in the morning when I would take Taggart for a walk but I was able to walk it off.

My second class was the day after Thanksgiving.  This was not a beginner class so there were about 10 people there (there we only four of us in the Beginner class).  I took the most modest place at the back of the class that I could find.  Lots of stretching and moving into positions that I once thought impossible for my body to do.  Actually, there were a couple of moves that my body just refused to do.  Think I will have to work on those at home.  Don’t remember the last time I was on my back and flung both of my legs over my head so my knees touched my ears (pretty sure my husband would be impressed if I could do that one!).

So, we will see how I do a third time.  I do know that it is the longest hour and a half in my week!

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